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5 prolific ways to get her number that can never say no…check out



A lot of guys have the seductive mindset of rapidly approaching a girl to get access to her contact whilst on the other hand others feel so shy and bold-diminutive to even talk to a girl within a minute.

If you can’t get the number, forget about anything else. But asking a girl straight up for her number can get you rejected if you don’t play your cards right.

So here are a bunch of creative ways to get her number that she can’t say no to. You can thank me later.

1. Present a challenge that you’re confident you can win.

2. Give her a money note for every digit she tells you, until you have the whole number.

This one is for the flashy guys, it will get her interested from the word go.

3. Want to go even bigger?

Just give her your whole phone (it better be a classy phone), and tell her you’ll hit her up later. She’ll be shocked.

4. Buy her a drink, or a coffee, or something nice.

Tell her she can have it, on condition that you get her number. If she gives it to you…great, if not, you get to keep the drink and indulge. It’s a win win.

5. Don’t ask for it, just tell her to give it to you.

For example, ‘“You seem awesome but I gotta go. Give me your number. We’ll chat later.” It makes you appear authoritative, and she’ll probably give it to you.


James Antwi is a celebrity blogger,brand promoter and a student.He is a prolific writer and is fearless in his approach to dishing out information while maintaining high professionalism. He is regarded as both a lover and a fighter. Contact:, +233279347881

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