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Efia Odo Reveals What Her Parents Did To Her When She Lost Her Virginity

Ghanian actress and television personality, Efia Odo, has revealed how her parents insulted her when they found out she had lost her virginity and she’s no more a virgin.

She disclosed this after actress, Lydia Forson, posed a question about sexual and reproductive health on her twitter handle.

Ms. Forson was trying to find out whether the topic of sexuality is been discussed in our Ghanian homes and how such an all-important issue is been faring in our society.

She tweeted:

How many of you had your parents sit you down and have the sex talk with you?

Responds By Efia Odo
Replying to Lydia Forson question, Efia Odo revealed that she had the opportunity of having such a conversation with her parents when she lost her virginity, and per her tweet, she was insulted by her parent

Had the talk after I broke my virginity. It wasn’t even a talk… it was a whole bunch of insults,” she wrote.

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