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Wendy Shay Breaks Silence After Caught Naked In Bed With Bullet (Video)



About 3 days ago, an audio leaked on social media which had the voices of Wendy Shay, Bullet and another lady said to be Bullet’s girlfriend on it.

From the audio, one can deduce that Wendy was caught pants down with Bullet by his supposes girlfriend.

In the audio, one can hear Bullet’s girlfriend attacking Wendy Shay for sleeping with her man.

Wendy Shay explained that she was just sleeping and the girlfriend asked her if she now sleeps naked in men’s room.

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Bullet could then be heard at the background telling his girlfriend to stop what she’s doing and that he doesn’t like that.

Bullet’s girlfriend then revealed that Bullet did same with Ebony Reigns and when she caught him, he apologized that it won’t happen again and now this.

The lady also said that she just decided to give Bullet a surprise visit and ended up seeing this.

Listen to the audio below:

Well, ever since the audio popped up, we never heard a single word from Wendy Shay nor Bullet.
So we’ve all be wondering what they would finally say about it.
Wendy Shay has finally loosed her tongue on it and according to her post on Instagram, the leaked audio is an excerpt from her new single featuring rapper, Eno Barony.
The song is titled “The Boy is Mine”.

Watch video below;

That’s to mean that this whole saga was kind of a publicity stunt.
So this people has tricked and fooled us just to promote their song.



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